Jazzy and german

Ofer Originals - some in German. + My Funny Valentine inPortuguese

bass drums guitar recorded in jerusalem 

vocals recorded in Berlin/

one tour and then Laura became a mother 


11 Kali

eleven musicians and eleven songs on the eleventh letter. Ofer as pheonix returns to the land of the living after death and rebirth


10 visions of Jerusalem

a very personal and minimalist album featuring Ira Shiran on accordion, Oren Fried on drums, Netta Amir on voices and Ofer's answer to why he is so connected to Jerusalem and the tree of life

copy-therapy-diploma.pdf i am the only one in my family over 30 who does not have a PHD.
I studied music therapy in Boston and incorparate therapeutic elements in my personal teaching, performances and workshops
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neshamama-auf-deutsch-mit-note-fur-regisseurin.docx Deutsche uberzetzung fur 3 Schauspieler 28.3 KB
Herzl & Hitler : a soul split in 2 Herzl and Hitler. both Tauruses born in Austria. 44 and 56 . A soul whose wish is to gather the exiles to the land of Israel is split in two lives. Their names start with ה. Lamed ל is the 4th letter in both names and
Resh ר are all common.
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berlin-jerusalem-13-moves.doc a cabaret in 13 moves 30 KB


klezmer meets jazz

Chris Corstens -saxophone virtuoso from Amsterdam and Makko Costers contrabass and mouth trumpet are the exclamation marks to Ofer's original question mark