kindofa compilation

by Ofer Golany

a collection from some of Ofer's offerings
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    New York Amsterdam Varanasi or Bangkok      you’re never alone

    Katmandu San Francisco Rome Copenhagen       always heading home

    Lugano Paris Boston Maastricht Eindhoven             you’re never alone

    Ko Phangan Heidelberg Tzfat Yerushalayim       you are coming home


    Playing receiving  blessing and giving      don’t forget you’re not alone

    Laughing and cooking dancing just looking           always seeing home

    Whistling waiting making love meditating           you never were alone

    Singing and walking tuning and talking                  everywhere is home


    The fruit it is sweet and the circle’s complete

                                    the answers to where when and how

    Now that I’m here and everything’s clear  

                                    jump and jive into the here and now


    Christina and Lisa Kim and Clarissa                    always feeling alone

    Angela Monica Diedre Veronica                             looking for a home

    Robert and Jimi  Ariel Bob and Shlomo    take off your highway shoes

    I remember I hear you now I am near you    you’ve already paid your dues


    Roomful of songs places and faces

                                              all fade into one and it smiles

    No striving arriving when all is forgiven

                                          welcome to the world my child


    To my son I said “you are the one                        and you’re not alone”

    My daughter too hope’s always true                       and despair is gone

    The groom to his bride said   “come to my side  this time and next time around”

    I heard a voice thanks for the choice           now I’m never alone

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