and every sunday in what remains of 2017






 with Alexander Meyen Andreas Susterhann at Troisdorf Festival

 WHAT!?! in Nierstein Videos on Quer-TV by Willfried Jaspers




Conspiracy of Love – August 2017

2.   21.00 Uhr  Café  Neruda                  Alte Gasse 7   86152 Augsburg

3.  16.00  Haus Pfifferlingstal  Paracelsusstr. 3 86441 Zusmarshausen

4.  19.30   Synagoge Binswangen                Judengasse 3   Binswangen

5.   20.00  Konzert mit Afrobeat              Schule  86500   Kutzenhausen

6.   Matinee   Birkenried                    Birkenried 5   89423 Gundelfingen

Ofer and Ortal every saturday from 12 to 2

at the first station Jerusalem

May יחס חם be with you 

  • 27/5/17 11:00 - מתחם התחנה, ירושלים
  • 24/5/17 21:00 - בירמן, ירושלים, מופע יומולדת לבוב דילן
  • 20/5/17 21:00 - בלו הול, ירושלים, שיריו של מאיר אריאל
  • 20/5/17 11:00 - מתחם התחנה, ירושלים
  • 17/5/17 21:00 - רוסטרז, ירושלים
  • 13/5/17 11:00 - מתחם התחנה, ירושלים
  • 9/5/17 22:00 - בסרביה, ירושלים 

 Every Saturday in April - my hot new band


Three teachers at a music school - my new band יחס חם has been playing 6 gigs a month for three months now 


another full week....look into the calendar

a full week Tuesday at Beserabia Jerusalem with a full band.

Thursday with Sharon Duek in פנימהחוצה  Zichron Yaakov

Saturday at the Blue Hall Jerusalem יחס חם trio

Leonard Cohen is dead but he lives on through his many Lovers

press the links and see and hear the extent of my tribute to the man 

i2005  I put out an album of Cohen translations
since then...
First we take Manhatten
Who by Fire
Joan of Arc
Dance me to the end of Love
Everybody Knows
I came so far for Beauty
The Old Revolution
Lover Lover Lover
Tower of Song 
and the link to the CD
and Dance me to the end of Love in English Yiddish and German as th closing song that can be sent as a gift


Dylan Tribute @ 

Tmol Shilshom November 8 with Ortal Tzoran

Jerusaleman with a new band- the long haired Ortal Tzoran on bass and  short haired Noam Yadgur on drums

they all sing so vocal arrangements are part of the freshness of this trio. The choice of repertoire is Hebrew songs from the 70's

our first performance was on the Jewish new year at kibbutz Sasa where Ortal is known as the king. The video was shot at Noam's recording studio and here is a link to his blog.

Jerusaleman June July in Joymany 2016 

June 25 Theater im Viertal            Saarbrucken

         26 Mozaik im Neanderkirche Dusseldorf

         27 Johannisnacht festival     Mainz

         28  Infoladen                    Wiesbaden

         29 Bauwagenplatz Krefelderstr      Koln  with Alexander Meyen

         30 La Victoria  Bornheimerstr 57   Bonn  see the picture in calendar

 July    1 Café Hopla  Steprathstr 26       Koln

          2 Mueller Browerei                    Kofferen

          3 Kulturcafe Lichtung ubiering 13 Koln with with Alexander Meyen

          5 Einklang                             Bliesgau

          7 Lebensaart                          Merzig

 10 KulturFestival  Nierstein - press here for the video

Neshumale - Yiddishe Soul - Tanya Alon vocals and Ofer Golany guitars released in April 


Gypsy the drums bass and

guitar were recorded in Jerusalem by Ittai Binnun who also played a Nye solo. Noam Bartov on Bass and Daniel Tager

on drums and saxophone.together they are TriOfer. The files were sent to Maxim Piz in Berlin who recorded Laura Buening

and sent back to Jerusalem where the Cds were printed. A short tour of Berlin and Wiesenburg covered the costs. 

august 2015 - Conspiracy of Love...  Violalex... and Gypsy release. 



KAF : a headstart project on the 11th letter with 11 songs and a tour of Germany in April  2015 and back to Israel

yud ירושלים

10 songs on Ofer's relationship with Jerusalem with musicians whom those who live in Jerusalem recognize as the finest on their instrument:  

 Ira Shiran: accordion       Oren Freed: percussion       Idan Raave: trumpet    Netta Amir: voice  

shahar sorek: shofar    Ofer bass guitars and all texts except 3 Meir Ariel


Jerusaleman  עופר גולני born in jerusalem          עופר גולני  jerusaleman circumcised in jerusalem

sailing a 10 string ship עופר גולני  jerusaleman      captain of the wednesday jam  עופר גולני jerusaleman

serial recording artist jerusaleman         husband father sparkplug brother jerusaleman

jerusaleman casting a virtual line          between Hebrew English German Dutch music  jerusaleman

in Jerusalem performing עופר גולני  jerusaleman      from Berlin returning jerusaleman

Gypsy in Laura's Kuche  jerusaleman    project KAF 11 songs יצר-יצירה Jerusaleman

  Jerusaleman has a minyan - Hey man

15 Babies